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Choosing a Coach: 'Know, Like, Trust' and Key Questions to Ask

In the quest for personal and professional growth, the decision to enlist the services of a coach is a pivotal one. Beyond credentials and expertise, the foundation of a successful coaching relationship often rests on the principles of "Know, Like, Trust."

Know: Establishing a Connection Beyond Credentials

I suggest seeking a coach who goes beyond a list of qualifications. Understanding the coach as a person - knowing their story, their values, and their unique approach - lays the groundwork for a more meaningful connection. Look for coaches who openly share their experiences, allowing you to resonate with their journey and coaching philosophy.

Like: Building a Rapport for Effective Collaboration

Likeability isn't about popularity; it's about finding a coach with whom you can establish a genuine rapport. Consider coaches who not only possess the necessary skills but also showcase empathy, active listening, and a sincere interest in your success. A likable coach creates an environment where you feel comfortable, fostering open communication and a collaborative coaching journey.

Trust: The Cornerstone of a Successful Coaching Relationship

Trust is the foundation on which coaching success is built. You should seek a coach who consistently demonstrates reliability, transparency, vulnerability, humility, and an unwavering commitment to your growth. Trust is earned through actions, and a trustworthy coach is one who not only gets energy from helping you, on your terms, but who also aligns their actions with your best interests.

Key Questions to Ask Before Signing Up with a Coach


1. What is Your Coaching Philosophy and Approach?

Understanding a coach's philosophy helps you gauge compatibility. Ask about their approach to coaching, preferred methods, and the values that guide their practice. This ensures alignment with your expectations and goals.

2. Can You Share Success Stories or Testimonials from Previous Clients?

Real-world success stories offer tangible evidence of a coach's effectiveness. Enquire about their track record, and client testimonials. Ask how they would prove return on investment and value for you. This provides insights into the coach's ability to produce meaningful results.

3. How Do You Tailor Your Coaching to Individual Needs?

Personalisation is key in coaching. Ask how the coach would tailor their approach to meet your needs. This helps assess their adaptability and commitment to addressing your unique challenges.

4. What Does the Coaching Process Look Like?

Gain clarity on the coaching process itself. Enquire about the flexibility, frequency and format of sessions, communication channels, and any additional resources or tools offered. Understanding the logistics ensures a smoother coaching experience.

5. How Do You Foster a Collaborative and Supportive Coaching Relationship?

Effective coaching is a partnership. Ask how the coach fosters collaboration and support throughout the coaching journey. Understanding their commitment to your growth and well-being is crucial for a positive coaching experience.

6. What Professional Development or Continuing Education Do You Pursue?

A commitment to ongoing learning is a sign of a dedicated, professional coach. Enquire about their engagement in professional development, supervision, alignment to professional bodies, and certifications. This demonstrates a coach's dedication to staying relevant in their field.

In conclusion, selecting a coach is a transformative decision that extends beyond credentials. Prioritising the principles of "Know, Like, Trust" enables you to choose a coach with whom you can forge a strong and effective partnership. By asking insightful questions, you can navigate the coaching landscape with confidence, ensuring that your chosen coach aligns with your successful outcomes, your values and your goals.

Thanks for reading.

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Adrian Kingsford
Adrian Kingsford
Apr 05

Since writing this, I've realised that people don't always need to like you to buy from you, As long as they can trust that you can help them and you can show credibility, they really don't need to like you at all - but everyone should still be kind - we don't need to be friends to be friendly.


Dec 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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