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Coach like a GPS!

Similar to navigating a road trip, executive leadership coaching requires clear and strategic approaches to help you successfully reach your destination.

Like a vehicle GPS (Global Positioning System), a coaching GPS (Goals, Plan, Support) can help you and your passengers (your team) achieve successful outcomes on your executive leadership journey.

A coaching GPS can help steer you through the intricacies of executive leadership and team development, driving your success without ‘careering off the road’ (thanks Tommy Cooper!).


Where are you going?

The journey begins by thinking about where you want to be, and envisioning what it would be like when you get there. I encourage inspirational and generative thinking at this point, and setting 12-month transformational goals, because anywhere worth going will take some time to get there. Whether it’s enhancing leadership skills, fostering team cohesion, increasing trust, commitment, alignment, accountability, productivity, organisational health, or something else, setting these initial annual goals is like plotting your destination on a map. This clarity will direct all subsequent actions and decisions.


How are you going to get there?

With your annual goals plotted, the next step is planning your best route to get there. This involves crafting an action plan tailored to navigate through your specific challenges, maximizing your strengths and your geniuses, and ensuring you have the right mindset to travel. Like planning a road trip, you need to decide your best route - figuring out the most effective strategies and resources needed to keep you moving and making progress. This phase also involves anticipating potential challenges and having contingencies in place, taking a different path when you hit a road block, along with taking planned stops and timely breaks to refuel and correct the course, to ensure a smooth journey towards your success.


What else do you need for the journey?

No matter how well you plan, unexpected challenges can arise. In these moments, ongoing support is crucial. As your coach, I act as a navigator, offering regular support, guidance, and feedback to keep you in the best lane, and to help you recalibrate and retune when necessary. Think of me as a reliable co-pilot who helps manage the unexpected, warns you of hazards, and keeps you moving towards your destination. Although we’re not going that way, it’s sometimes useful to look in the rear-view mirror. It helps to reflect on where you’ve come from, to think about what went well, and what didn’t go so well on that part of the journey, to understand what you might learn from that, and how that could inform your decisions for the road ahead.

Successful Outcomes

How do you know you’ve arrived?

Apart from the GPS informing you that ‘you have reached your destination’, the ultimate aim of the coaching GPS is to help you to 'reach your successful outcome'. This successful outcome is defined by the achievement of your predefined goals, but also being enriched by the growth and insights gained along the way.

As you navigate through various challenges and opportunities on your journey, you'll develop key skills and gain the confidence needed to maintain momentum and continue succeeding beyond this particular trip, and, of course, I’m happy to get back in with you for the next journey!

As a professional executive leadership and team coach, my goal is to support you on your journey to success, with precision and adaptability. If you’re ready to take the driver’s seat in your professional life, with a clear route to success, get in touch and let’s see how, together, we can navigate a clear, results-driven path to your next destination.

Thanks for reading.

Please share and comment below, and do let me know how I can help.

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