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Death by Meeting?

Leaders spend too much time in meetings!


Or do they?


They spend too much time in the wrong type of meetings!


Sometimes there’s an agenda, sometimes there isn’t, but almost every time, topics drift into meetings that derail the focus and the flow.


If too many things get thrown into the mix, people get confused, nothing reaches resolution, and people leave the meeting feeling frustrated that nothing got done.


But that’s ok, it’s widely accepted that’s what happens, and that’s what leaders do - spend lots of time in meetings.


But that’s just wrong!


Here’s a thought - Have more meetings! 🤪

Yes, you read that right!


I mean have more of the right type of meetings, at the right time, in the right context.


Break your team meetings into different types:


Daily Check-in (whole team)

5-10 minutes at the start of every day to understand each others priorities, get everyone on the same page, and to see if anyone needs urgent help.


Weekly Tactical (whole team)

60-90 minutes to quickly check-in on goal progress (on-track, off-track), plus identify, discuss and solve short-term tactical priority issues to maintain business momentum.


Monthly Strategic (whole team or adhoc as required)

2-3 hours as a team to discuss and decide on big issues or longer term strategic priorities or direction. It's ok for team members to meet adhoc to focus on a specific strategic priority, without bringing everyone into a meeting - just briefly update the team with the salient points at the next meeting.


Quarterly Offsite (whole team)

1-3 days away from the office to step back, review, reflect, see what’s gone well and not so well, share learnings, understand what needs to change, define how to move forward for the long term, and commit to it!


I’d love to discuss how I can support you to put this into practice.


Thanks to Patrick Lencioni and his book 'Death by Meeting', for inspiring this article.

Thanks for reading.


Please share and comment below, and do let me know how I can help.


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